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Atlantic Championship Series to be launched in 2012

by Ryan Stringfield
Posted December 15, 2011 at 5:01 pm Atlantic Championship, Schedule

For those missing the Atlantic Championship cars, all is not lost. Not completely.

The Atlantic Championship Series will be launched in 2012 by Formula Race Promotions with sanctioning from SCCA Pro Racing. The new series will be open to SCCA-legal Formula Atlantic cars and will run a six-race championship with stops at Road Atlanta, New Jersey Motorsports Park, and Summit Point.

2012 Atlantic Championship Schedule

  • May 10-12 Road Atlanta
  • June 29-July 1 NJMP
  • August 24-26 Summit Point
The Series will run in conjunction with the F1600 Formula F and F2000 Championship Series in 2012. Read the full release here.

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  1. The Speedgeek on December 26, 2011 9:27 pm

    Heh. Alert Gordon Kirby.

    The parts in question:
    “An overlooked element in the decline of American open-wheel racing was the death of Formula Atlantic and Formula Super Vee. The passing of Atlantic and Super Vee has barely been acknowledged but their demise was a great loss for the sport in the United States and Canada. Through the seventies and eighties the rear-engine categories–Formula Atlantic, Super Vee and Formula Ford–essentially replaced midget and sprint car racing as the training grounds for American open wheel drivers…

    Everyone in the sport thanks Mazda for its invaluable support of the ‘Road to Indy’. It’s a great thing but the ‘Road to Indy’ needs to be stabilized and strengthened. Each rung on the ladder must be made stronger with clearer brand identities and frankly, the ‘Road to Indy’ needs a reborn Formula Atlantic. ”

    Really, Gordon? What, the clearly delineated and roughly properly spaced, power- and grip-wise “USF2000-Star Mazda-Indy Lights-IndyCar” system is too simple for you? You want to shoehorn in a rung between Mazda and Lights…why? Because Gilles Villeneuve was awesome, and without an Atlantic series, we’ll never find the likes of him again?

    OK, that was only tangentially on the topic at hand (which, really, I have no problem with SCCA FA guys having a pro-ish sandbox in which to play…have at it), but this Kirby-esque complaining is a pet peeve of mine. I think a pro-ish Atlantic series is fine as a psuedo second feeder series to Lights (like in the case that somebody absolutely annhilates everybody in Atlantics, and then can move up to Lights, same as they could have from Star Mazda, just using an Atlantic car that they’d previously used in SCCA Amateur competition anyway), but pleas to add extra feeder series simply because they were awesome 20-30 years ago is nonsense. The feeder system is the best, most simple system that it’s been the entire time I’ve followed the whole thing since 1991. Extra places for people to use their existing cars is fine, but the MRTI system is fine as is.

    Sorry to hijack a 2-week old story, Ryan, but I’ve had a bit of extra holiday cheer as I catch up on the ol’ Google Reader. Keep up the great work.

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