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Anderson and Newey split at Road America

by Ryan Stringfield
Posted July 5, 2011 at 3:20 pm Skip Barber

Brandon Newey enters Turn 5 at Road America piloting the No. 6 Skip Barber National car.
(Photo: Kelly Brouillet)

Starting on the front row doesn’t mean all that much at Road America. Being draft savvy is just as important.

Still, Brandon Newey was happy when he earned his first career Skip Barber National pole position at the four-mile Wisconsin road course for Round 7.

As a second-year racer in the Series, Newey was prepared for the race knowing exactly how critical a role the draft plays at Elkhart Lake.

Throughout the 25-minute race, Newey traded the top spot with Thomas McGregor, Trent Hindman and Danilo Estrela. On each trip to the front Newey timed his maneuver while evaluating his opponents’ strenths and weaknesses.

It paid off.

On the last lap, Newey made a move for the point securing his second win of the 2011 season narrowly edging McGregor for the top spot at the checkered flag. The margin of victory was just 0.084 seconds, with the top-five separated by less than one second (0.684).

McGregor was second, Hindman was third, Estrela was fourth and Kyle Kaiser rounded out the top-five in the weekend’s first race.

Heading into Round 8, Scott Anderson was unhappy with his qualifying effort. His fast time was nearly two seconds a lap off of pole sitter Sebastian Ordonez’ time.

Anderson had his work cut out, but similar to Newey’s mindset in Round 7, he knew working the draft could change everything.

After a good start, Anderson began to work with Newey and Series’ newcomer Zachary Silver to escape the pack. After putting some distance on the competition, the top three began to battle for the point, exchanging the lead in nearly every portion of the course.

In the end, however, it was Anderson who emerged with the victory; his third of the year. Newey trailed by just 0.021 seconds at the stripe and Silver, 14, finished just 0.047 seconds astray.

Hindman was fourth and Estrela rounded out the top-five.

The Skip Barber National drivers return to action for Rounds 9 and 10 on July 21-23 at Road Atlanta.

Full results from Road America after the jump.

Skip Barber National
Road America
Round 7 Results

1. Brandon Newey, 18, Indianapolis, IN
2.  Thomas McGregor (+0.084) , 19, Saskastoon, Canada
3.  Trent Hindman (+0.209), 15, Wayside, NJ
4.  Danilo Estrela (+0.254), 17, Goiania, Brazil
5. Kyle Kaiser (+0.684) 15, Santa Clara, CA
6. Zachary Silver (+1.669), 14 ,Hinsdale, IL
7. Scott Anderson (+1.676), 22, Fort Collins, CO
8. Andrew Hobbs (+7.741), 17, Glendale, WI
9. Shelby Blackstock (+ 14.585), 21, Nashville, TN
10. Sebastian Ordonez (+21.889), 16, Deerfield Beach, FL
11. Jack Mitchell, Jr. (+2 Laps), 14,Clarendon Hills

Skip Barber National
Road America
Round 8 Results

1. Scott Anderson, 22, Fort Collins, CO
2.  Brandon Newey (+0.021), 18, Indianapolis, IN
3.  Zachary Silver (+0.047), 14 ,Hinsdale, IL
4.  Trent Hindman (+1.691), 15, Wayside, NJ
5.  Danilo Estrela (+1.899), 17, Goiania, Brazil
6.  Thomas McGregor (+10.673) , 19, Saskastoon, Canada
7. Kyle Kaiser (+10.753) 15, Santa Clara, CA
8. Sebastian Ordonez (+11.316), 16, Deerfield Beach, FL
9. Andrew Hobbs (+ 1 Lap), 17, Glendale, WI
10. Shelby Blackstock (+ 5 Laps), 21, Nashville, TN
11. Jack Mitchell, Jr. (+9 Laps), 14,Clarendon Hills


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