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Never Give Up

by Ryan Stringfield
Posted March 30, 2010 at 10:04 am open wheel racing news

With the new season underway for the majority of the various junior formula series, the number of driver signings and announcements has begun to increase, if ever so slightly, which is a good sign.  Here is my motivational piece for the month of March.

I’m hopeful that we are on track for a better year in 2010 and possibly a better off-season in 2010-2011 than what we had in 2009.  It will be interesting to see where things go from here.  There will likely be a lot more one-off drives this season as well as the dreaded season-ending crashes that cut an aspiring drivers year short due to funding inadequacies.  The positive in this situation is that drivers, teams, and yep, people like me, are still out there promoting karting and junior formula racing through resumes, sponsorship packets or even simple editorials like this one.

The economy is beginning to rebound.  Businesses are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel which will hopefully lead to a more fruitful future.

The point of this article is to encourage everyone involved in racing to keep working together to promote a brighter future.   If you are a driver sitting on the sidelines in 2010… Don’t give up!  You aren’t alone.  There are many talented pilots without a ride this season.  Stay in shape, work on your marketing programs, be creative, go to your local kart track, and stay sharp because you never know when your next opportunity might come along.  Another idea, which has worked for some, is to take a step backwards in your racing career.  Rather than take a risk to run a series that you are just barely financially capable of running, why not enter a championship that requires a smaller budget and focus on winning every race.  Reaching the upper echelon in motorsports is a long and difficult road during times of prosperity let alone during a recession.  The important thing to remember, in times like these, is to keep your head up and never give up.


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  1. Market My Driver on March 30, 2010 9:32 pm

    Great advice! Find a job pushing a broom in a race shop. You have to keep your name in the game. We never want to see a driver get hurt, but it happens. The team may call on you as a replacement driver. Keep testing with teams. Remember that no one ever starting climbing from the top of a ladder. Don’t try skipping steps on the way up. Some of you might think you should of gotten a ride before so and so did. You might be right. Knowing you out performed the other drivers and still couldn’t get the ride is a hard pill to swallow. Just remember that the shoe could be on the other foot next year. So now you have time to work on your image & website. Congratulations to all who secured a ride in 2010, and have a fun & safe season.

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