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Skip Barber National: Isaac Lyons and Dennis Trebing Leave Sebring Victorious

by Ryan Stringfield
Posted March 19, 2010 at 6:59 pm Skip Barber

Round 3- Sebring International Raceway

Isaac Lyons, who I named the 2009 Skip Barber National Unsung Hero, won his first career Skip Barber National race yesterday at Sebring International Raceway.  His previous best finish was 2nd which occurred at Lime Rock Park in the series’ 2009 finale.

MAZDASPEED Development Drivers’ Spencer Pigot and Felix Serralles finished 2nd and 3rd respectively.  Nick Andries and Daniel Lloyd rounded out the top-five in Round 3.

The hard charger from Round-3 is Daniel Lloyd who improved 7 positions in 10-laps.  He started the race in twelfth and finished fifth as noted above.   Lloyd went on to qualify on pole for Round 4.

Round 4- Sebring International Raceway

Dennis Trebing Becomes First Driver to Become a Repeat Winner in 2010
(Photo: Skip Barber Racing)

Dennis Trebing became the first repeat winner of the 2010 season by winning Round-4 in dominant fashion.  The Florida resident managed to win by an almost-unheard-of margin in Skip Barber National competition (5.861 sec).

The MAZDASPEED Development Driver duo of Felix Serralles and Spencer Pigot reversed their finishing positions from Round 3 with Serralles beating Pigot to the stripe.  Sophomore pilots Isaac Lyons and Ashley Freiberg rounded out the top-five.

The hard charger of Round 4 is Luis Michael Dorrbecker who improved 7 positions in 9-laps.  Dorrbecker finished 8th after starting 15th.

Make the jump for full results.

Skip Barber National
Round 3 Results
Sebring International Raceway

  1. Isaac Lyons
  2. Spencer Pigot
  3. Felix Serralles
  4. Nick Andries
  5. Daniel Lloyd
  6. Dennis Trebing
  7. Ashley Freiberg
  8. Luis Michael Dorrbecker
  9. Nicolas Costa (pole sitter)
  10. Mukul Sud
  11. Scott Anderson
  12. Jim Norman
  13. Thomas McGregor
  14. Brandon Newey
  15. Danilo Estrela

Skip Barber National
Round 4 Results
Sebring International Raceway

  1. Dennis Trebing
  2. Felix Serralles
  3. Spencer Pigot
  4. Isaac Lyons
  5. Ashley Freiberg
  6. Scott Anderson
  7. Nick Andries
  8. Luis Michael Dorrbecker
  9. Nicolas Costa
  10. Mukul Sud
  11. Daniel Lloyd (pole sitter)
  12. Thomas McGregor
  13. Brandon Newey
  14. Danilo Estrela
  15. Jim Norman


  1. Gonzalez on March 20, 2010 1:09 pm

    The numbers appear to be significantly less than last year at Sebring. Is it the economy or something else?Where are all the experienced drivers?

  2. Ryan on March 20, 2010 1:33 pm

    The entry numbers for the Skip Barber National championship have been declining with the economy (which is a common theme in just about every racing series right now). Here is how the opening round entry numbers for SBN stack up over the last few seasons…

    2008- 28 entrants
    2009- 23 entrants
    2010- 18 entrants

    I don’t think the numbers are really that bad … all things considered. As far as your question about “experienced drivers”…. I guess the answer depends on what your definition of experience is. There aren’t a lot of returning drivers this season but there are quite a few that have some pretty solid experience in the karting ranks and a few that have some good car experience under their belts. (Here are a few examples: Daniel Lloyd via the ELF Renault Clio Cup, Wilson Philippe via Formula BMW-Americas, Ashley Freiberg via both Skip Barber and Star Mazda).

    That’s not to say that there aren’t a lot of really talented, experienced drivers without rides this year… because, there are. Hopefully that will change as the world economy begins to rebound.

  3. Jim Altemus on March 20, 2010 5:55 pm

    The economy has affected us like it has every other series. Our numbers are down but this field is pretty deep. As the first rung on the ladder, too many experienced drivers racing year in, year out is a bad thing. The good news is things are looking up in our racing schools and Regional Race Series, where these young drivers come from.

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