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Rotax Grand Finals- North American Reps

by Ryan Stringfield
Posted December 4, 2009 at 11:10 am Karting

The Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals will take place December 7-12, 2009 at Ghibli Raceway in Sharm El-sheikh, Egypt.  A total of 24 drivers from North America will make the trek to Egypt for this year’s prestigious Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals.  I’ve listed the Team USA and Team Canada selections below.

Make the jump to see the roster of each. 

Rotax Grand Finals

Team USA

Phillip Arscott- Rotax Senior
Victor Pedrosa- Rotax Senior
Joey Wimsett- Rotax Senior
Stepanova Nekeel- Rotax Senior
Troy Castaneda- DD2
Cody Hodgson- DD2
Thiago Parazinho- DD2
Mike Daniel- DD2 Masters
Nick Neri- Rotax Junior
Ethan Ringel- Rotax Junior
Jake French- Rotax Junior
Alec Udell- Rotax Junior

Team Canada

Chris Glover- Rotax Senior
Hugo Ouellette- Rotax Senior
Marco DiLeo- Rotax Senior
Scott Campbell- DD2
Frank Launi- DD2
Kyle Stevens- DD2
Daniel Morad- DD2
Darren White- DD2
Bryce Choquer- Rotax Junior
Garett Grist- Rotax Junior
Phillip Orcic- Rotax Junior
Steven Szigeti- Rotax Junior


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