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Connor De Phillippi: 2009 SBN Champion

by Ryan Stringfield
Posted October 12, 2009 at 12:43 pm hard charger, Skip Barber

The Skip Barber National Championship completed their 2009 season this weekend at historic Lime Rock Park.

Connor De Phillippi

Connor De Phillippi

Conor De Phillippi claimed the overall championship simply by starting Saturday’s Round-13 race.  De Phillippi ended the season with 7 wins, 4 pole positions, 10 podiums, 4 fast laps, and 1 hard charger award.  He set a new record this year for most wins in a single season with 7.  The previous record was held by Grant Maiman, who had 6 wins in 2002.

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Sage Karam

Sage Karam

In Round 13, Nazareth, Pennsylvania’s Sage Karam continued to showcase his development by winning the race from pole position.  The race win marked his second career Skip Barber National win and his second consecutive win (he also won Round 12).  At only 14 years of age, Sage is really beginning to stand-out.  Isaac Lyons put in an impressive drive as well, finishing 2nd after starting 5th.  The young driver from Northern Ireland has shown steady improvement all year long.  Dennis Trebing, of Cape Coral, Florida, finished the race in third position.  The 17-year-old driver has really come on strong as of late and improved three positions in Race-1 to grab the final spot on the podium.

Race 1 Hard Charger (Round-13)
Ashley Freiberg claimed her second consecutive hard charger award by improving 5 positions in the wet conditions.  The 17-year-old Homer Glen, Illinois resident finished the race in 5th after starting 10th.

Round 13 Results

  1. Sage Karam
  2. Isaac Lyons
  3. Dennis Trebing
  4. Connor De Phillippi
  5. Ashley Freiberg
  6. Al Carter
  7. Julian Albarracin
  8. Brian Skinner
  9. Sean Rayhall
  10. Court Vernon (contact)


Court Vernon

Court Vernon

In Round 14, the conditions were improved but the track was still damp.  Court Vernon, who finished runner-up in the 2009 championship, snuck past Sage Karam at the line to take the win by 0.026 seconds.  Sean Rayhall, who led the first four laps of Round 13, finished the race in third claiming the final spot on the podium.  Dennis Trebing and Isaac Lyons finished fourth and fifth, respectively.

Race 2 Hard Charger (Round-14)
Court Vernon earned the hard charger award for Round-14 by improving four spots in Saturday’s race.  The 17-year-old driver won the race after starting 5th.

Round-14 Results

  1. Court Vernon
  2. Sage Karam
  3. Sean Rayhall
  4. Dennis Trebing
  5. Isaac Lyons
  6. Julian Albarracin
  7. Connor De Phillippi
  8. Ashley Freiberg
  9. Al Carter
  10. Brian Skinner (contact)


Skip Barber National Presented by Mazda- Final Standings

  1. Connor De Phillippi, 422
  2. Court Vernon, 380
  3. Sage Karam, 339
  4. Dennis Trebing, 312
  5. Isaac Lyons, 286
  6. Ashley Freiberg, 283
  7. Sean Rayhall, 281
  8. Julian Albarracin, 271
  9. Kyle Marcelli, 248
  10. Felipe Polehtto, 231

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