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Star Mazda: Who Can Still Win?

by Ryan Stringfield
Posted September 15, 2009 at 9:17 pm open wheel racing news, Star Mazda

The Star Mazda Championship has two races remaining;  Road Atlanta and Laguna Seca.  The latest press release from Star Mazda states that there are 8 drivers still capable of winning the overall title.  Which could be true.

My formula shows that there are only four drivers still in contention for the overall title.  The correct number will be based on the number of entries we see at Road Atlanta and Laguna Seca.  In the meantime, let’s just use basic logic.

  • The series has had an average of 24.45 entries/race this season.
  • If a driver finishes 25th— they earn 11 points/race.
  • If a driver wins a race— they earn 44 points/race.
  • If a driver earns the pole position— they earn 1 point/race.

So that means… the worst a driver could do, in theory, is earn 22 points (finish 25th in both races).   On the flip side, the best they could do is earn 90 points (2 wins, 2 poles).

Which leaves us with four drivers still in contention for the 2009 Star Mazda Championship.  I’ve listed the name of each driver below.  The number in front of their name is their current point total (heading into the final two races).   The numbers in parenthesis are their theoretical best and worst.  Again these figures are dependent on the (actual) number of entries.

  • 399- Peter Dempsey (Best: 489, Worst: 421)
  • 392- Adam Christodoulou (Best:  482, Worst: 414)
  • 342- Conor Daly (Best: 432, Worst: 364)
  • 336- Joel Miller (Best: 426, Worst:  358)

Alex Ardoin, who currently has 329 points, sits just outside the bubble.  The most points Ardoin can earn in the final two races is 90 points or 419 total (just shy of Dempsey’s worst: 421).  Alex Ardoin, Richard Kent, Anders Krohn, and Caio Lara could all find themselves moving up in the standings, but none, according to my formula, have a mathematical shot at the title.

If the final two races have more than the estimated 25 entries, which is entirely possible, the championship standings could change very quickly and my formula will be ruled irrelevant.  Either way, the current standings will make for an interesting conclusion to the 2009 season.

You can view the current point standings here>>.


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